"My company has been in business for 45 years and I have seen and tried most every new gadget to make envelopes less of a nightmare - especially 4-color process ones. The Suspension Feeder is no backyard, slapped-together piece of junk like so many other attempts at envelope feeders have been. This is the real deal! Solid construction with the press operator in mind. Even the smallest details weren't overlooked in the design and manufacturing of this feeder. I would recommend this feeder to any print shop (That is unless they are my competition)."

"We purchased the newest Suspension Feeder a few weeks ago. We needed a simple "set up and run" feeder for our Heidleberg DI46-PRO process color machine. We had to have a feeder that could run a variety of envelopes, as our biggest clients are other printers. Being a trade shop, we often get what no other printer can do or wants to attempt. What an incredible addition this feeder has been! Fast change-over to any size envelope and some of the best, well-thought out design of any add-on feeder I have seen."

"The Universal Feeder has made a world of a difference on how we print our envelopes. Whether it's a 1,000 or 40,000 envelope order, we can knock it out in-house. The feeder has given us unbelievable turnaround time. Our press man loves it!"