What makes the Universal Feeder so special?

The Universal Feeder is truly universal! It is manufactured to run on any press - single sheet or stream-fed and on any style of paper. It is also made to move from press to press with ease. It has a small footprint, can feed a variety of envelope sizes and is easy to maintain.

Does the Universal Feeder support a variety of envelopes?

Yes it does. In fact, our feeders are being used for many applications in addition to envelopes. We have feeders feeding paper bags, cards, coloring books, CD & DVD's, and pizza boxes. If you have a unique application - give us a call. Our staff loves a challenge and will help you in finding the solution.

I have one of your older envelope feeders. Why and when should I upgrade?

There have been many improvements over the years. Depending on how old your feeder is, it might be wise to upgrade to improve productivity and profits. Our Universal Feeder has become the "go-to" feeder and is the only one we are continuing to manufacture. We are no longer supporting the older feeders with replacement parts, as they have reached their functional obsolesce. Give us a call and we can help you with the evaluation to see if a new feeder will be beneficial.

Do I need different accessories for different presses?

Yes. The unique designs of each manufacturer's press requires different brackets and guides for the Universal Feeder to be attached securely. Let us know what presses you are running and we'll make sure you get the proper accessories with your order.

Do you sell replacement parts for the Universal Feeder?

Absolutely! We've made it easy for you to get the parts you need - whether its a new belt or spring. From our home page, we have a quick search function that allows you to put in a part name or number to quickly find what you are looking for. We have also included photos for reference. Our online ordering allows you to place your order any time during the day. In most cases, your parts will arrive in a couple of days.

Do I need a variable speed conveyor?

Generally speaking, the variable speed conveyors allows your operator more flexibility to keep the envelopes shingled properly. As a general rule of thumb, if your operator is going to run under 7,000 IPH, a single speed will work fine. If they are wanting to run over 7,000 IPH, we strongly recommend the variable speed.

Do you support the Strate-Flo Feeder?

Once the Universal Feeder was released we began phasing out support for the Strate-flo, currently we do offer a selection of cross-compatible parts but we take no responsibility for items installed incorrectly especially electrical components. If you aren't sure if something is cross compatible ASK FIRST!