About Us

Suspension Feeder manufactures the Universal Feeder, in western Ohio, where good old American ingenuity rooted in a German heritage of quality runs deep. When someone brings us a problem, we work to develop a solution. This is how the Universal Feeder came to be. We were told that envelope printing can be difficult and time consuming for printers. When feeding by hand, only small quantities can be pre-piled in the press and thus, printed at low speeds. Printing envelopes this way is rarely profitable.

Well, Suspension Feeder decided to create a high quality, low-maintenance solution. With our universal feeder, envelopes can be fed continuously at high speeds to a variety of printers. By not stopping and starting, printers can reduce waste, while maintaining quality throughout the run. And when the envelopes started being fed at a higher pace, there became a need on the output side for receiving conveyers of varying length. We make those too! Our simple, yet efficient designs have made envelope printing easy and profitable. We also keep replacement parts in stock, so be sure to search our website.

In addition to the Universal Feeder, we can design and implement feeders and conveyors for all types of special applications, so if you got a problem that needs solving, give us a call and we'll do our best to help you out!.

Suspension Feeder 1800 Lovering Ave Wilmington. DE 19806 Tel: 419.763.1377